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Breeding goals & obejctives

-The good-looking, working miniature schnauzer-

The purpose and goal behind my breeding is to raise healthy and sound dogs with a good mentality that are able to be used for both working/training and dog show purposes. I am one of few breeders in Sweden that specializes in breeding working miniature schnauzers with a lot of will-to-please, power and drive and some of my litters are produced with that purpose in first hand. I own and have bred dogs that are succesfull in the fields of Obedience, Bloodtracking and Rallyobedience. If you are looking for the perfect allrounddog then you've come to the right place!

The Miniature Schnauzer is a stable, robust and chipper dog that loves to be around you wherever you go and the dogs I breed are fit perfectly for various dog sports.

Breeding is about maintaining and developing all the good qualities of the breed and it is very important to me that the dogs I produce are of the right type without being extreme in any way. A Miniature Schnauzer is and should always be a copy of a Standard Schnauzer, just smaller of size. I use only pure pepper and salt lines and do not mixbreed between colours. It's very important to me that the coat is harsh and of the right colour because the Miniature Schnauzer is a roughcoated breed that always should be handstripped. My aim is that all my dogs, my breeding dogs and their offspring, undergo a mentality description and show a stable mentality. Every dog used for breeding is eye checked before being used and I try my best not to use dogs where there is a chance that they carry on any disease to their offspring. Kennel La Leia's is not a puppymill - only three dogs are living with me and all the other ones are living with their fantastic leasees. Quality before quantity, I usually only have one litter per year which gives me the chance to have a more personal contact with the puppy owners.



About Us

My name is Frida and I live in Stureby in Stockholm with my three miniature schnauzer girls Nikita, Leia and Nova. I have always been interested in animals and in my youth I took all the neighbourhood dogs out for a walk whenever I had the time. That was how I got in contact with the schnauzer for the first time, a standard schnauzer called Bizzie.

When Bizzie was expecting puppies I was able to persuade my parents into buying one so that was how Flippan (Wellfith’s Flippancy) came into our family. Flippan was a very special lady that didn’t accept just anybody and was not late to give them a little pinch with her teeth. She was on the other hand very nice and devoted to the family and she had a unbelievable capacity. We trained a lot of obedience and were really good but because of her mentality we never competed. I learned so much from this dog, she ended her days at the age of 8 years.

During the time Bizzies owner got a miniature schnauzer called Divina. I was totally in love with this cool dog and decided that that was the kind of dog I wanted. That was also how it became; during the time Flippan passed away the miniature schnauzer Nikita moved in with me. I had been taking care of her now and then since she was a puppy but now she moved in with me fulltime. Nikita was not a show dog, she just didn’t think it was fun, so I started thinking about getting another dog. What could have been better than a puppy from Divina, in my eyes an almost perfect miniature schnauzer? So in the winter of 2005 little Leia moved in with me and she lives up to all my expectations of what a good miniature schnauzer should be like. In the summer of 2007 I got my kennelname approved; La Leia's, after the bitch I started my breeding with.

You are always welcome to contact me if you are looking for a puppy or a suitable stud for your bitch!

Dahlia, Hugo (från kennel Alectronas), Bailey, Nova, Rebus, Dixie