All litters are fulfilling the requirements of the Swedish Miniature Schnauzer Club







Born in September 2015 after these lovely dogs:

SE V-12 NORDUCH Schnauzi-Hero's Zobra Zorro

Ch. Alert Charm Yudgin

Ch. Schnauzi-Hero's Olga of the Opera

La Leia's Cheery Cookie

SEVCH Mini-Maksi Ostin

La Leia's Adorable Alicia


Click on the picture of Cookie to read more about her.

5 beautiful puppies (3 females, 2 males) we're born on September 13th. Cookie is a happy and stable dog that charms everyone, both person and animal. She lives at Kennel Adiolas. Zorro is a really nice and cool male with a great attitude and charisma. He has great details and I think he and Cookie will complement each other very well. For these puppies I am looking for owners that want a loving companion that follows you wherever ypu go and whatever you're up to. I would be hapy if ypu are intressted in dog shows. If you like a puppy from this litter feel free to contact me at any time!

We have one bitch still for sale


Both parents are health and eye checked before breeding


Dahlia as a puppy


The puppies are growing up in my home and they get social- and environmentaltraining both inside and outside. When they are delivered, cirka eight to nine weeks old they have been dewormed and vaccinated according to veterinary recommendations and at they are delivered with:



1. Registration in SKK (Swedish Kennel Club) with Pedigree

2. ID with microchip

3. Veterinary HEalth Certificate not older than 7 days according to regulations

4. Vaccinationcertificate

5. Puppy litter insurance

6. Caring advice

7. SKK buyers contract

8. Ownership registration to SKK

9. Application for Health insurance

10. 1 year of membership in Dvärgschnazuerringen (Swedish Miniature Schnauzer Club)

11. Cuddly toy that smells like littermates and mother

12. Puppypackage with food

13. The first grooming for free

14. Reduced fare on a puppy course

15. Lifelong support and advice

16. Possibility to attend a grooming course